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Her #1 Baby Product

If there's one thing I would reccomend to a new Mom as a "must have" it's a Dockatot. We received one as a gift and have had Ren in one since birth (and still do!).

He started in our bed co-sleeping as a newborn. We used the Dockatot to help secure him in between us and since the material is 100% breathable I felt very comfortable. It came in handy for lounging on the couch, floor, outside, and even in the kitchen watching us cook a time or two.

When it was time to move him to his own crib we upgraded to their larger size dock: the Grand. And at 19 months old he is still sleeping in his dock!

We travel with it for security in new places. It's very easy to travel with and airports give us no problem with our "baby bed".

It can be a little bit of a sticker shock, but take my word on this being one of the best baby products we purchased!

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