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Free Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell training has become one of my new new favorite ways to strength train. It's seriously so great on your body and the easiest piece of equipment to have around your house. I've put together some of my favorite moves in this workout and tried to keep it short and simple.

So here it is. And if you want to watch along as you go, I just filmed this workout for Piranha Fitness On Demand! You can subscribe with no strings attached and get your first month FOR FREE.

Kettlebell Workout

Hop on over and grab up my 4-week kettlebell training program if you like this one!

Complete each movement 2x for :20, resting :10 in between, and complete the entire sequence 4x:

Lunge pass through's (alternating)

Sprawl frog kicks

High pulls

KB Good mornings

Complete 30 seconds of each movement without rest, repeat 4-5x:

Side plank with shoulder press

Frog pumps

Russian twists

Leg lifts

I hope you like it!


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