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" I've tried several gyms in the B/CS and just really appreciate your encouragement and intensity in each workout. I always leave your classes feeling exhausted and excited about what I accomplished. "

- Taylor

" I truly had lost all interest in working out. I would go to the gym and barely break a sweat. Taking Lindsay's classes made me fall back in love with workout out. I am always motivated and push myself because I always know that you give a shit if I get better or not. You never let me sit back and just be there. You make sure I am lifting heavier, doing every rep, and making sure my form is correct. Lindsay's body also proves that she knows what the hell she is talking about! I appreciate Lindsay helping me light my fire again."

- Morgan

" I love love love

your class."

- Kellye

"I love my gym family. It's more than family really. It's more of finding your people. The people who give a damn about you not because they have to, but because they want to. The people that shoot it to me straight when I am off track."

- Devin

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